K-Pico GR
The most extreme drop kit on the market with the most innovative filling system.

When we first in the world produced the original nano kit it was to reduce the dimensions of our favorite rebuildable atomizer.
Now, 1 year later, we are introducing an even smaller drop kit, but this time the new K-pico is more, much more than a drop kit. It is a completely new vape experience on Kayfuns.
Since Kayfun introduction on the market, we have seen lot of changes in building coils and on materials to do so, but the basic character of the Kayfun is still the same, good flavor, good vape production and warm vape.
We have also seen lot of users building incredible low resistance coils with the intent of increase vape production and temperature.
Unlucky this takes to a reduction of the flavor.
K-pico is the solution: warmer vape and more vape production without the need to go to super low resistance but still maintaining a good and consistent flavor.
This was achieved redesigning the chimney and the vape path. It is like a dripping kind of vape, but with a small tank feeding it. And it is a Pico, the shortest set-up possible for your Kayfun. Compatible with the Light +, Light, 3.1, Russian and Russian 91%, it's brushed and CNC machined in Italy.
It includes the Mod Factory GR refilling system.

316 food grade stainless steel and food grade PMMA.

1x SS special cap
1x SS large chimney
1x o-ring
1x SS ring
1x PMMA refill tank